Tru Earth is a company that focuses on creating eco-friendly household goods that function the same – or better – than traditional products, but without all the plastic and other chemicals that are harmful for the planet. Tru Earth has disrupted the space of traditional laundry detergent by creating eco-friendly laundry strips that pack ultra-concentrated, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly cleaning power into a tiny, pre-measured strip of liquidness laundry detergent. Its low-sudsing formula works in all types of washing machines, including high-efficiency (HE).

A large focus of Tru Earth is their critical cause; Tru Earth seeks to make true, lasting change to help save the planet. This is supported by their donation and fundraising efforts to support underfunded and marginalized communities through matching each subscription purchase with a donation in-kind.

Our organization will earn at least 20% profit on every sale made through our fundraiser, allowing you to purchase any time you need. All you need to do is purchase through our link and you are supporting our efforts!